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Turnout Systems

Fabricated Switch/ Thick Web Switch/ Improved Switch Expansion Joint

Fabricated switches are manufactured adhering to technical specification of IRS, UIC and CEN, as per requirements of the client. The latest CAD/CAM systems along with latest manufacturing and testing facilities are employed.

SGCI Inserts are cast in the concrete ties for fixation of Elastic Rail Clips. Our Iron Shoulders are manufactured from pearlitic malleable iron (M.C.I. Inserts) and spheroid graphite iron (S.G.C.I. Inserts). These are widely used in Indian Railways.

  • Excellent performance.
  • Highly durable.
  • Longer service life.
Types of switches manufactured:
  • Fabricated curved switch 1 in 7, 1 in 8.5 & 1 in 12 for 52 Kg & 60 Kg Rail.
  • Complete turnout sets 1 in 7, 1 in 8.5 & 1 in 12 for 60 Kg & 52 Kg Rail with PSC & steel sleepers.
  • Scissor X Over Crossing 1 In 8.5 & 1 In 12 & 1 In 16 For 52 Kg & 60 Kg Rail & Diamond Crossing Derailing Switch For 52 Kg & 60 Kg Rail.

Thick web switch

Its manufactured complete switches with Heat Treated Welded Crossing solution ranging from high-speed movable crossings and their associated actuation, locking and detection systems through to CNC machined mono block tramway switches including removable blades.

Improved switch expansion joint

modified version of switch expansion join to overcome the defects caused by the bend.

Rail movement joints are required when tracks are laid across engineering structures such as bridges and viaducts. These structures are exposed to changes in lengths due to ambient factors like traffic load, temperature and wind leading to angular rotations of the end spans in the abutment. Rail movement joints are installed to bridge such length variations and to accommodate angular rotations of the end spans.

  • To avoid two bends involved in the design of the STOCK Rail & TONGUE Rails in conversional type of Switch Expansion Joint.
  • To avoid fractures in the bent portion of the STOCK Rail & TONGUE Rails in conversional type of switch expansion joint.
  • To meet other requirements like wide gap at bridge approaches.
  • Suitability in curves sharper than 0.5° and up to 0.4°
  • Suitability for higher axle load.
  • Suitability for iron ore route.
  • Suitability for heavy mineral route.
  • Suitability for high speed routes.
  • Check Rail guard against excessive play of worn out wheels.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Less wheel impact.
  • More wheel support.